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There is now a steam page! Would be very cool if you put it on your wishlist :)

A prototype from around 8 months of development.

There is currently 4 bosses to fight, hopefully giving a couple hours gameplay.

Here's a playthrough by Alpha Beta Gamerif you are having trouble completing the boss.

Follow My Twitter for updates on the project!

Controls (in case you miss any in game):

Movement - WASD

Interact (use to undock boat, control boat, change radar zoom) - E

Switch tool - 1 (nothing) 2 (harpoon) 3 (repair)

Use tool - Hold left click

Alt use tool (e.g. switch to explosive harpoon) - Right click

Mac/Linux builds are untested so no idea if they will work...


Updated 22 hours ago
Published 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreAction, Adventure, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Boss battle, Fantasy, First-Person, Monsters, Singleplayer, Unity


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What-Lives-Below-Demo-Linux.zip 249 MB
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What-Lives-Below-Demo-Windows.zip 243 MB

Development log


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I never knew I wanted a mash-up between Shadow of the Colossus and Jaws, but now it's here, it just seems so frigging obvious I'm surprised no-one thought of this before.


holy cow what the fuck!! this is amazing


This game is amazing!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemgfiqK5Itg2oN_zsqTICA video coming soon!


This is easily a masterpiece in the making. keep up the good work and much love to your dedication to this!

low key would love to see the huge Leviathan class SCP's in this to battle.  


Well... that KRAKEN turned out to be HARD as $H!T... 

Part 1 if you've missed it!!!


WE :clap: WANT :clap: GIANT :clap: CRAB :clap:

also devlogs???



I do most dev updates on my Twitter, I have yet to use itch dev logs

Absolutly Amazing game 

I couldn't find a bug report or anything so i figured the best option would be here. so I was fighting the phoenix and i had recently gotten hit by a magma rock (unless the beam also rocks the boat a ton) and i noticed i started going backwards, so i looked down and i was outside of the boat. i couldn't repair, reach the control room, or anything really.


Hello and holy crap. I can't believe what I just played. I was expecting a few really disturbing things and was positively surprised with an awesome gameplay. I made an entire video and seriously? This game is getting a Playlist of it's own. If you wanna watch it then here it is. But considering you work on this alone. Holy fricking crap. You're awesome.

This had to be one of the best hunting games I've ever played in my life. To the soundtrack, to the mechanics and then to the monsters (I fought only 2 as of now) But you bet i'll be back for the full finished game!

I can't swim... and THIS! Is a nightmare! This game is cool man! You start off and immediately get greeted by a BOSS. What more do you want? :D Dark Souls on water...


This is a great game! too bad Im terrible at it,

Looks cool did not played but going the right way new look keep it up !

Wow! This looks intense! Great work ;)


this game was cool as heck always wanted to be a captain 

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Hey, only played this for a couple minutes, quick question - what's the deal with the white tower things? They seem to do damage, but I'm not sure how to stop them/use them etc

Having a lot of fun so far

If you're talking about what you think you're talking about, when the white towers mean lightning is going to strike there.

You can dodge them by driving your boat elsewhere.

Oh thanks, that explains a lot!


hilarious but awesome video up on this game trust me your gonna enjoy it check it out and drop a like :) 

 I somehow got onto the top of the turtle...

How to trigger the 4th boss fight?


I love this game ! 


Just downloaded and played a little. Its amazing and I look forward to future development. Cant wait to stream this. ALSO doubt it would happen but I would love to see an open world option after say you beat all 4 bosses and in which you can visit islands (very simple ones can just be a baseplate with a simple hut and some trees.) where you could ask a person for like a map to find creatures to slay.


so basically dauntless combined with subnautica combined with raft is what you want? because i might not be the developer but that would take A LOT of work

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Hey would it be possible for, in lore, the boat to please be named Pedro?


This is a phenomenal game, with some pretty captivating gameplay, that being said I would just like to know how to make this fullscreen, everytime i open this game (other than the first time because t was fine at first) but now i can鈥檛 get it to work without it being windowed :(( i just need some advice, because f11 isn鈥檛 working and alt space was a bust:// plz help.


Have you tried alt + enter?


I would kiss the ground you stand on if I knew who you were. ;)

I would kiss the ground you stand on if I knew who you were. ;)

Really amazing looking game. Like a water based Monster Hunter.

This game was very fun and the graphics look so good as well! I am going to be playing this more because the game is that fun! Very good job!



Absolutely loved this, looking forward to the future updates :) I do feel like the boat is a little annoying to navigate, with only the 1 door on the side. That's the criticism I can think of, it's an absolute blast


Is it gonna cost money in the future?  I'd guess it will based on what ive seen this seems like it will cost money.  I kinda hope it does cost something someday, id pay $20 or more for this!


Full Steam release will cost money, not sure how much though yes.


Very cool! Definitely see the potential here! As someone mentioned and I agree, it almost feels like Shadow of the Collossus but on a boat!

Will this game ever come to steam? (sorry if you get asked this alot)

The steam page literally just got reviewed! You can wishlist it here!


Awesome game! Me and my brother had a blast! I wish you all the best luck in your coding adventures!


nice game but maybe too hard...


how get on linux


plz help me

are you on chromebook? if you need more help installing you can dm me at Bep Cow#0598 on discord. I can help you. or you can look at my previous reply to steamsiege (think thats right name) that was 3-5 days ago and i wrote a crap ton

It's a waste but it sank

Pros and cons are down below) 

Check out my gameplay here:


1. The creatures are amazing! They are gigantic and very very mencaing. I absolutely love the choice of enemies.

2. Each battle is different from the other. Bosses have different mechanics and you need to use different tactics in order to slay them. Fantastic! Moreover, you get more tricks to surprise your enemies)

3. The difficulty is absolutely beatable but still challenging. It's perfectly balanced battles that were sweaty to me but I managed to win from the first time.


1. The world seems empty apart from bosses. It would be cool to add some kind of trophies in your hub or journals that reveal the story.

2. Lack of lore. It's cool to have an awesome boss-battling game. But at least a bit of a story would be nice. Like in the cuphead. You had at least a bit of plot. And this game has such a humongous potential for great lore!


I rate this game 5/5 stars here on itch. Great job! I'll definitely check the other bosses I haven't slain in the vid yet and will keep tracking this game's progress. Awesome job so far!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Dude... is this Dark Souls on a BOAT!?? ;d ;d ;d This feels epic! And it's only a demo??? Can't wait to see what the full thing!!!


This game is way too fun, if you're debating getting it, stop debating and just get it LOL.
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