A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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There is now a steam page! Would be very cool if you put it on your wishlist :)

A prototype from around 8 months of development.

There is currently 4 bosses to fight, hopefully giving a couple hours gameplay.

Here's a playthrough by Alpha Beta Gamerif you are having trouble completing the boss.

Follow My Twitter for updates on the project!

Controls (in case you miss any in game):

Movement - WASD

Interact (use to undock boat, control boat, change radar zoom) - E

Switch tool - 1 (nothing) 2 (harpoon) 3 (repair)

Use tool - Hold left click

Alt use tool (e.g. switch to explosive harpoon) - Right click

Mac/Linux builds are untested so no idea if they will work...


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(127 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Boss battle, Fantasy, First-Person, Monsters, Singleplayer, Unity


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What-Lives-Below-Demo-Linux.zip 249 MB
What-Lives-Below-Demo-Mac.zip 244 MB
What-Lives-Below-Demo-Windows.zip 243 MB

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i really like the game 

gives sea of theves vibes


I like this game!
Btw, there is a bug, that you can be thrown from the boat and shoot then. Monster is still attacking the boat.

my video loved the game 
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i have thalassophobia, If i buy this game it will take out my phobias


love it thank you 


good atmosphere

Hii uuh not sure how helpful this is, or if someone else reported it, but the mac port has a few problems:

The boss bar doesn't go down

The prompts don't pop up

On like half the graphic settings, the game blackscreens

not sure how much this helps, given that by my understanding you've made this on windows and thus can't test the mac port but hey. 

(also if you want any help with mac testing LMK)

also (not sure how I did it): 

It's possible to glitch off the boat and walk around on a massive invisible platform 

Haven't tested on Mac no, just thought I would export it in case it did work. I imagine that would have something to do with the blackscreens. For the boss bar are you certain you are hitting the critical points on the boss (glowing parts) and doing significant amount of damage?

The glitch of the boat is a classic bug yeah, is fixed for the final game but won't be for the demo unfortunately :(

(1 edit)

I'm certain it's a glitch with the bossbar as:

I've killed all the bosses, and the bossbar stayed a static line

I've had this glitch with bossbars in other untested mac ports of unity games.



I love the idea, i hope you finish the game, some things i would like to see towards the final product would be:

more weapons to deal with the bosses

maybe upgrades to the boat like more health, speed, bait to lure the mosters or scape from them or even cannons

I would love to see a boss that i like a giant arm that raises from bellow the water and if you look into the deeps you can see a huge eye bellow the boat

in any case i cant wait to see this game finished


Man i've always loved the idea of fighting giant monsters in the ocean but for some reason i've barely ever found any games like that, till now that is. I seriously hope more comes out because it was so much fun


worst nightmare for thalassophobia

i played and die

Gameplay em português do Brasil!

If you ever do make more bosses, of which it looks like you might, A boss that gets incredibly close to the boat, maybe a giant squid, where it may latch onto the boat until you hit it enough to shake it off would be cool.



does anyone knows what to do if that message pops up on mac? : 

Unable to open the app

Icône de traduction vérifiée par la communauté

Try right clicking it and then click on open. 

i tried and it keeps saying the same message


I figured it out when you unzip the file mac uses Archive Utility as default which for some reason breaks it. Right-click the zip file and open it with Unarchiver.app and then it should work hopefully.

Hey, follow the instructions on this vid. Such an annoying problem!! I was on chat with Apple today to see if there was an official way to fix, but there is not. Anyhoo, this seems to work well, for now:)

you need to go inside the .app file (right click, then show package contents) then navigate to the macOS file (contents, macOS) then  change the file inside to a unix executable file(google how to to this bit).


Loved the game, my one suggestion is to make the bird a little easier to hit since it is nearly impossible to predict and trail the shots perfectly

The bird was ez for me


Your game is absolutely unique and awesome! The graphics are also astonishing and I like the physics in this game a lot

Whenever i go into the boss it just has a completely black screen forever, do you know how i could fix that

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same bro, only on mac tho


i think you might have to restart the game?


Just a masterpiece.



🔲 My 90-year-old grandma could play it 

🔲 Easy 

✅ Normal  

🔲 Hard

🔲 "Dark Souls"

- Accessibility -

🔲 Easy to figure out 

✅ Takes some time to figure out

🔲 Hard to figure out

🔲 Very Unclear


🔲 "MS Paint"

🔲 Bad

🔲 Meh

🔲 Graphics don't matter in this game

🔲 Decent

🔲 Good

🔲 Beautiful

✅ Masterpiece

- MUSIC && SFX - 🔲 None

🔲 Bad

🔲 Not special

🔲 Good

✅ Beautiful


🔲 This game has no story it's a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ simulator/Shooter

✅ Like playing "Temple Runners" for the story

🔲 It's there for the people who want it

🔲 Well written

🔲 Epic story  


✅ Free

🔲 Underpriced

🔲 Perfect price

🔲 Could be cheaper

🔲 Overpriced

🔲 Complete waste of money


🔲 You can run it on a microwave

✅ Average

🔲 High end

🔲 "NASA" computer


🔲 Super Short  (0-10 minutes)

🔲Very short (0 - 1 hours)

(haven't played it fully)

🔲 Short (1 - 10 hours)

🔲 Average (10 - 30 hours)

🔲 Long (30 - 70 hours)

🔲 Extremely long (70 - 110 hours)

✅ No ending

- FUN -

🔲 I'd rather watch paint dry

🔲 Hard to enjoy

🔲 Repetitive

✅Actually pretty amusing

🔲 Ride of your life


🔲 It's a one-time experience

(haven't played it fully)

🔲 Only for achievements

🔲 If you wait a few months/years

🔲 Definitely (you can always go back and improve and is still enjoyable

✅ Infinitely replayable

Special Thanks to BLUEY from Steam (Creator of the template)

- MARKETING - (How well your game page)

🔲Very Weak (No photos/videos/Description/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

🔲Weak ( No photos/videos/Story/External Links + Devlogs)

🔲Good (No videos/ External Links + Devlogs)

✅Great (has all the above)

 Hey! I played your game on my stream! Watch it to see the live review!  Here's the link for it: https://www.twitch.tv/spacematterplay 😄
Game Number: 3
Time at which the review ended: 2:39:25

  I would also appreciate if you could give an opinion on our latest game. Game devs advice is precious because we know better what it takes to make something work. It's called "Backdoor Shifts"


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 🙏😘


Thanks much for the Linux build.  Works fine on Kubuntu 20.04 LTS.  Wishlisted on Steam.


Pls delete or nerf the 3rd boss it's so annoying with the water waves and the screen shake

This eye catching game has caught my eyes and have added it into my steam. Also the following reason why I would not ride a boat far down the sea. Such a difficult game but was fun and scared. Also it reminded me of the game shadow of the colossus.


This game is endlessly entertaining and just the right level of difficult...


Pretty fun game, simple formula that could probably be wonderful with more structure to it. But so far, Enjoyed all 4 bosses, and the movement was immersive with the waves. The Turtle did throw me up into the air a few times though. same as the Octopus. Still, enjoyable. 

Great game, nice bosses, and a nice idea for a game, kinda reminds me of shadow of the colossus.


Hello, glad I randomly found this game online; it was really intriguing!  

I included some feedback in the attached video if you'd like to check it out!

Thank you! Will check it out when I have time :)

Thanks and I hope the dev process goes great!


es demasiado bueno nunca me había divertido tanto amigo te isiste una chulada de juego es de mi top 10 juegos mas divertidos amigo te pasaste ese juego va a pasar a las leyendas ya lo puse en mi lista de deseados y con gusto si lo sacas de paga lo compraria

I hope you put it online mood
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YOOO game lookin kinda sick even though still on early access, also im on mac and cant play there :( . ever thought of making a dc server or somekind? so we can report bugs, suggestions ETC. loovin the game btw :D 

edit: it works now, when i first test it, its just black, then i turned on my screen res and now it works

had tons of fun! cant find a way to beat the last boss after shooting it w the emp harpoons tho

I really like the combat. Going back and forth handling all these tasks is really cool. I just wish there was slightly more to juggle; Like if you could brace for impact to stop yourself from getting knocked out of the boat when flying through the sky after being hit (I know you don't get knocked out of the boat yet, I just think it'd be cool if you could get knocked out.) I've only watched videos of this game tho and I'm gonna play it now so maybe I'll have more to say late

Beautiful game. Very excited to see how the development goes! 


I will say in all honesty, this looks to be a truly promising game. I'm excited to see where you take the Shadow of the Colossus esque creatures and battles. A few things I noticed right off the bat, whenever a creature splashes down in the water the ripples don't seem to really do anything, I think it would be interesting to have them rock the boat. In addition to this whenever the boat crashes into rocks you just sort of slide off of them, no real crash. Whenever you drive into a creature you do not crash, rather you just phase through it. I think it would be a neat addition to add some sort of "ramming" feature, where the beasts take damage when they are rammed with the ship, (at the cost of the ship taking some damage as well). Overall, I think this is an incredibly promising game, and despite a few balancing issues, I had a blast playing. I am excited to see where future updates will take this!

Thanks for the feedback! Will do what I can :)

The game is pretty interesting!Hope to see the finished!

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Honestly, the bosses and bossfights are amazing. Sometimes it's a bit much trying to see and do everything at once, this would actually be an interesting co-op game. One player steering/repairing the boat and one or two other players fighting the monsters.

(2 edits)

I puttered right on past the first boss and I no longer see any radar indicator for its location. At the start there is the red indicator on the edge of the radar but when I went past it, it went off the radar and I can no longer find it. There's not much for land marks so I have no idea which direction I'm going or if I've turned 90 degrees or 180 degrees. Just lost at sea now...

Also, on Linux the animation for the explosive harpoon doesn't seem to work so I have no idea if I'm throwing a regular or explosive. Low quality settings make the game unplayably dim and medium settings have artifacts all over the bottom half of the screen.

Edit: The explosive harpoon, I guess, is not available during the first boss? I thought there was a problem with the animation but it works fine on boss 2-4.

Thanks for the feedback :)

My current build has already fixed radar points going off when you go too far, I will look into the other ones though!

I was wrong about the harpoon. Explosive isn't available for the first boss yeah?

Yep, is only introduced in the second one :)

my game does not start gives an error and that's it maybe I'm stupid but still help

great game with beautiful graphics, though it would be better if I wasn't shit at games xD

I just found a bug where sometimes when you start the level, you can't move ahead after hitting a certain point (inside the boat) meaning, I couldn't get to the controls and had to restart the game

Ah shame to see everyone had that bug. Thought it was just in development build as it seems to be almost random...

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