A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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A prototype from around 8 months of development.

There is currently 4 bosses to fight, hopefully giving a couple hours gameplay.

Here's a playthrough by Alpha Beta Gamerif you are having trouble completing the boss.

Follow My Twitter for updates on the project!

Controls (in case you miss any in game):

Movement - WASD

Interact (use to undock boat, control boat, change radar zoom) - E

Switch tool - 1 (nothing) 2 (harpoon) 3 (repair)

Use tool - Hold left click

Alt use tool (e.g. switch to explosive harpoon) - Right click

Mac/Linux builds are untested so no idea if they will work...


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(181 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Simulation
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Boss battle, Fantasy, First-Person, Monsters, Singleplayer, Unity


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What-Lives-Below-Demo-Linux.zip 249 MB
What-Lives-Below-Demo-Mac.zip 244 MB
What-Lives-Below-Demo-Windows.zip 243 MB

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I really like this game

for the seccond linux user to play this game "press any key" means press esc leave the game (dont close) and enter back

wild game its so fun cant wait for more content


(1 edit) (+1)

please finish this game

and PLEASE add multiplayer and controller functionality

it would be so cool if someone was driving and someone was shooting

Crazy game for one person looks like an AAA game

Important little bug report here: on my second attempt the second boss lost his rocks and the ability to attack, as well as seemingly the ability to die.

I can't stress enough how phenomenal this game is. The mechanics, the graphics, the aesthetic, the creature design... All it's missing is a little radio in the boat to keep the player entertained while they sail to the next location. Do that, fix the minor issues like how you can't really tell how far away your spear is, how the boat doesn't seem to want to let you take control sometimes, or how the boat speeds off in whichever direction you were accelerating last if you don't let it come to a complete stop first and you've got yourself some gold. 


I'm having a TERRIBLY FANTASTIC time playing this game! Great work, Steb! I know I'm late to the party, but check out my playthrough! So far I've only beaten the first boss!

Awesome game with really cinematic momments

I really like the water system, I am a new game developer and I really want to use this system for my dream game. Can you tell me how you did it or at least what game engine you used?

maybe ue5?

This was made in Unity, water was a shader. I recommend catlikecoding's tutorials on water shaders :)

I really like this game. I can't forget the thrill of catching a lightning shrimp. Thank you for making this game

Fantastic Game and can't wait to play again.

The music is good as hell, mate

amazing game, figuring out how to drive the boat properly took a few minutes but after beating the first 3 bosses the turtle one my boat would just get stuck and attach itself also u should slow down the speed of the turtle when it gets into its final stage because i would spend atleast 5 minutes just trying to get behind it and then it would kinda just speed off again but otherwise loved the game was amazing 9/10!!!

Monster are terrefying!

It was fun and I liked it a lot! My only complaint is that it’s hard to tell if I’m on the helm or not without a indicator. Looking forward to the full release!

for some reason i cant open it on mac

Right click on the application, and click show package contents. Then go into Contents, MacOS, and there should be a document file inside. This is meant to a Unix Executable File. Open up terminal and type in chmod +x and drag the document in. If it doesn't let you run the command, type in sudo chmod +x instead. This should change it into a Unix Executable File and then you should be able to run the game.

Deleted 78 days ago

thank you so much! it runned the game now i can finnaly play the game

No problem

Damn, my friends can read
I wanted to tell them that it was a horror


I had lots of fun with this game, I have only played the first boss so far! 
check out my video on that Here!


but this game

Took it away

This game is INCREDIBLE the animations with the ocean and can you add multiplayer cause the bosses are too hard on singleplayer can you also make it playable and for android cause my friend only uses android and he really wants to play this

Why is your game so good!? starts at 7:38

I love This Game!!! 

Amazing game! If I could rate it, I’d give it 5/5

Looked exciting, unfortunately not working on macOS. It can't start

(1 edit)

you can fix the error by doing these steps
1.  right click the "What-Lives-Below-Demo-Mac.app" file

2.  click the "Show Package Contents" button

3.  open the "Contents" folder then open the "MacOS" folder

4.  right click the "What Lives Below Demo" and click the "Copy" button

5. open the terminal app by pressing COMMAND+SPACE and typing terminal.

6. in the terminal type "chmod +x" without the quotes and then press COMMAND+V after pressing space

7. press RETURN (enter). you do not need the terminal anymore so after the command completes you can just close the terminal.

8. double click "What-Lives-Below-Demo-Mac.app". there should be a popup saying that the developer cannot be verified press "Cancel"

9. open the "System Preferences" app and click on "Security and Privacy"

10. navigate to the "General" tab and press the "Open Anyway" button. there should be a popup that says:

"macOS cannot verify the developer of “What-Lives-Below-Demo-Mac.app”. Are you sure you want to open it?"

press the "Open" button and the game should launch. if the game does not launch then you can just double click the game file again.

Hope this helps  --Floating Jacob

I made the 2nd Video! 

Gameplay BR

I had no idea this game was so good

I love the game so far! Cant wait to see the final product!

i need to finish this game lol

The graphics and the physics are great keep it up

Wow factor! Graphics look better than million dollar budget big company games! One of the best indie games/demos i have played

Great atmosphere, unique gameplay. Pressing shift key while aiming, off-shifted me on boat, so I looked like I was in water but my collider was still in boat.

is there any new progress for the game? the last update for the game was in 2021?


i post occasional updates on my Twitter (https://twitter.com/st3bongo), hopefully i'll be back working on it soon

please do

three platforms supported? which engine are you using?


it's unity

cannot have a romantic relationship with eldrich horrors, game bad

Markiplier reference Lol

very fun !


i made an account just to say how good your game is i was so accomplished when i finished the game and im going to get this ame when it releases 

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